Ready for a hassle free camping experience?

That’s exactly what you get when you stay with The Show Sherpa. We’ll handle the heavy lifting; you just focus on the fun. Traveling with camping gear can be a huge pain, especially when flying. So leave that gear at home, because with The Show Sherpa, all you’ll need is your ticket and your dancin’ shoes. We take care of the rest.

Just the two of you? The whole gang coming? We’ve got camping packages perfect for any sized group!

  • 1-person
  • 2-person
  • 4-person
  • Family (2 adults & 2 kids)

All Sherpa packages include:

  • Large Eureka! tents with almost 7 feet of head room
  • Comfortable Eureka! camping cots
  • Eureka! lanterns that serve both as lantern and flashlight
  • Camping chairs
  • Plus all Sherpa Village amenities

Sherpa Village amenities:

  • Sherpa Village community shelters filled with Eureka! chairs
  • Community camp kitchen including a gas grill and camp stoves
  • French press coffee makers with complimentary coffee
  • Cell phone/portable electronics charging station*
  • Complementary ice (1 bag per day per rental)
  • Water coolers to fill your reusable water bottle for a day of dancin’!
*Not available at all festivals.

Your campsite awaits!

Sherpa Tent Angle Green

Whether you arrive in the light of day or in the middle of the night, when you stay with The Show Sherpa your tent is waiting for you completely set-up, staked down and ready for whatever the weekend (and weather) may bring.

It couldn’t be easier with The Show Sherpa. Check-in, toss your bags in the tent and within minutes upon your arrival you’ll be on your way to see music. No more struggling with confusing tent poles, cheap tarps and missing equipment. We’ve got you completely covered. And we offer much more than just tents.

From community shade canopies-perfect for relaxing out of the hot summer sun-to gas grills and camp stoves to cook a meal, The Show Sherpa’s thought of everything (even free coffee!), so all you have to focus on is having fun.

Its time to experience the hassle-free camping experience you deserve. Book your spot in The Sherpa Village today!


“The one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”- Bob Marley

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